History in Hindman

    I got to visit the guys in Hindman yesterday. Doug is a master luthier and has two apprentices Mike and John. I met Doug and Mike at a dulcimer get together earlier in Winchester. Doug also has a studio in Winchester, that’s where he is from. Mike if from Hindman…. now on the my visit!

   There is a fellow George Gibson who collects antique instruments and has graciously loaned them to the Hindman studio. (George was born in  Uncle Ed Thomas’ cabin!) On loan is a Thomas, an Amburgey, a Ledford and many other makers. There are several samples of scheitholt, banjo, and other string instruments. I got to hold and photograph the three previous makers dulcimers. It made for and incredibly wonderful experience,  I can only describe it as a kid in a candy store!

   So what a great day! Wait, who walked in the door? Don Pedi! You have what back in your room? Do we mind waiting a few moments while you go get it? He returns with a black case, opens it and takes out a crudely attempted start of a refinish on a Pritchard! Poor thing looked sad, but sounded wonderful.

   In one day, I go from reading books and looking at pictures, studying what I can on the internet, to holding in my hand instruments made by the greatest makers in history! And yes I have pictures to prove it, and a signature on my Homer knock off by Don Pedi. He was concerned about writing on the top, but I assured him he added $25 to the value of it!

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