What to make……

Way too often I find myself working in circles. I find it hard to concentrate on several items at once, and usually mess something up. I’m not working on anything important so it really doesn’t matter, but it gets me down some times. There are just so many dulcimores, and so little time, or so it would seem. In perspective, I can make one or two dulcimores a week. I just need to decide ahead of time what to work on. One decision I have made is to limit the models. Bobby has the right idea, small, medium and large, and if it gets too demanding, quit. I didn’t like the Cousin Tilly at first, but after discovering the voice, it’s starting to grow on me. We try to get the dulcimore to conform to our idea of what it should sound like instead of listening to the voice of the dulcimore. It is a little like a wild animal, it just wants to do what it wants to do! I feel I have the Betty pretty well down to a science. I may make a more precise jig when I get back from Florida. The Tilly jig will suffice. This will leave the baritone model, and I may just wait till after the Homer get together to worry about that one.

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