Scrub Plane


   I’ve been watching several you tube videos about tooth and scrub planes for quite a while now. Knocking the idea back and forth, the tooth plane seems so romantic somehow, but the scrub plane is the most suitable for the task of rough smoothing the panels I make. I was looking to buy a tooth plane iron for a number four I have two of and just smooth with the other. Then considered making a scrub from the Harbor Freight $10 Number 33? Then realized I really don’t need a tooth plane, and I have a spare iron for the number four so why not just grind it down to a scrub? So I did. After a few more videos from masters with highly specialized tools, I hand ground it down on my 5 inch bench grinder. Then proceeded to finish it with my whetstones, and polish with my strop. In less than an hour I have a 3 inch radius on the iron that will shave the hair on my arm! (Customary to individuals who sharpen tool irons and chisels) I still enjoy getting there.

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