Pink Dulcimore?

gg59104090   Well it seems there may be a pink dulcimore in the works! This past March at the OVG (Ohio Valley Gathering) a young man stopped at my vending table and stared at my purple dulcimore. After a few moments he asked, “Would you make a pink one?” and without a thought I responded yes without realizing his need for one. He told me about his mothers lost battle with breast cancer and his thoughts of raising money on one of the accredited web sites that do fund raising on line and the pink dulcimore as the item to raffle off. I gave him my card and have never heard back from him. 😦
Fast forward to this past week end and my wife ask if I can play for a cancer walk next March; some folks she knows who do this Breast Cancer Fundraiser each year have asked. Why not look into it and see who else I can get on board? I have a breast cancer survivor acquaintance on line who I’m sure will help if she can and will be able to gather up more folks! Friday at the grocery I’ll pick up some pink Rit dye and start experimenting on some poplar wood. I had thought it through before and had decided on a “Betty” with hickory fret board overlay and zither pins. The back will have a two tone pink ribbon on the lower bout.

Whorl Wind in Winchester

   I didn’t hear anything on the news about this past week end, so it must all be in my head. In our circles it is said if you don’t have pictures then it never happened, well I have pictures and video too! The second Homer Ledford Festival went down without a glitch thanks to our beloved Dana McCall at the helm. Folks from all over traveled to Winchester Kentucky for a visit. Dana invited the best talent in the dulcimer world, from Stephen Seifert to Don Pedi and many more. We jammed late Friday night in the gym, got up early and taught classes all day. A young lady shared her Thomas dulcimore that had been in her family since Elijah Hicks bought it from Uncle Ed for his daughter. We all do a little vending so we had to tear down the tables and the like to get ready for the concert. Once complete I drove back to the hotel room and rested for a few minutes myself, I was starting to drag a little.
Back up and at em’ I drive to the Leed’s Theater in down town Winchester to help Bill Johnson with sound. This was my second visit to the Leed’s; I had been to the concert the year before but this was my first time back stage, and man was it fun. First up are Bill and his cohorts in Backroom Bluegrass Band, then Don Pedi, Robert Tincher, and Joe LaMay and Sherri Reese. I got to open the second set! I shared two original tunes, Faith, Hope and Love and Staples and Strings. I nearly choked on the verbal aspect of performing. My throat was dry from nerves. Heckling from Don Pedi’s roadie helped take the edge off a little. There were at least a hundred monologs I had prepared before hand but once on stage they all went blank, but preparation on the strumming paid off! My tunes, played my way, in my time, at ease in my own little world, doing what I love to do.
Martha and Cynthia had an incredible set, Dave Hass and John and Karen Keane work wonders on the stage and we finish with Stephen Seifert! And so another festival has come and gone. Images and video record memories of what is for some folks a once in a life time treat. (That will never be forgotten)
Thank you Dana, Homer Ledford Festival, Leeds and all involved!