Christmas Dulcimore

20161022_075454December 23, 2014. About ten o’clock I’ve finally mustered up enough gumption to grab some rough sawn panels and take them out to the shed to plane. The paste wax has been applied to the soles and the irons stropped. There is a light rain falling. I have somewhat mixed emotions about the rain. It is truly a blessing from God. Nourishment to the flowers; yet it is also wonderful for tracking sawdust back into the house.
The first two panels have severe checking and don’t survive the thinning with the irons. The fire barrel is a little heavier! The next two are better suited I suppose and cut down nicely. Also, on the third panel the cross cutting diagonal pattern is photogenic. If not for the poor lighting there would be images of the texture posted with this. (More light for the shop in 2015)

The shop door remains open. All the while the sounds of rain drops are interrupted by cars passing by with their tires hissing from the wet road. It is warm for December, nearly 60 degrees. My hands are still a little cold from the dampness, as sweat drips from my brow. After each plane has done its duty and as I lay it down I realize how warm it is from work: the same as myself.
Back inside I reflect on the past few hours. Once I thought of bringing out my little sound system and listening to Christmas carols, but hate the thought of dust getting in it. I notice my ears ringing a little from the silence. In the past it would have been from power tools screaming. I like the silence!