What a weekend!

At a small dulcimore festival just outside of Washington, who walks by but none other than the President Abraham Lincoln? Keeping my composure I quickly broke into the tune Dixie which I know to be his favorite. Do you know he actually pats his hands to keep time and at the end winks and nods approval to me! I could barely keep my composure when he approached and actually spoke to me. He said he was on his way to have a picture taken of himself and asks if I mind having my dulcimore in the sitting? Well………


“The problem with internet quotes is that you can’t always depend on their accuracy” -Abraham Lincoln, 1864

Image inspired by work of the one and only Don Pedi.

Episode 6: The Luthiers of Hindman, KY

Episode 6: The Luthiers of Hindman, KY

Worthy read! (And listen!)

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I am very excited about this episode because we get to experience a community of passionate artisans, teachers, and musicians who are part of a century old tradition in Knott County,  located in Eastern Kentucky.

MainPhoto From left to right: Mike, Doug, Earl, Joe, and Mark

My friend Mark and I went to Hindman, KY to talk with folks at the Hindman Artisan Center. Hindman and Knott County have played a pivotal role in the design, production, and dissemination of the mountain dulcimer and its evolution into a uniquely American instrument.

All customers are greeted by this friendly sign.
To the left of the entrance.
A work desk.

 The people we interviewed are luthiers — they design, build, and repair string instruments. Anyone can become an apprentice at the center and learn to make instruments of their own. They also provide…

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