It is called a “bridge”!

Once again I’m confronted by folks injecting another area of operations’ nomenclature into a field that has been well established for more than four hundred years.

The same item can have more than one name.

Because you call it by a given name in your area of expertise doesn’t negate another areas nomenclature. It’s not wrong, but different. Names can vary from one area of expertise  to another as well as from one region to another.  I have been informed I “talk funny” by someone with an accent in my belief much harder than mine! I have been “corrected “ for using terms in my region by folks from another region. I’ve been called out by folks for using another term for the same item in another field of expertise. (I wasn’t correcting any one, just simple communicating.)

I guess I’ve yet to understand why folks feel the need to “correct” others…

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